Ambulance 4681 & 4682

4681 & 4682 are both equipped with BLS (Basic Life Support) equipment used to treat a variety of patient complications requiring BLS intervention. The layout of both of the ambulances are structured very similarly to ensure that our EMT’s can properly respond to any emergency, as well as to help our mutual aid ALS (Advanced Life Support) companies become familiar and comfortable inside our units.


46-QRV-1 is a Special Operations vehicle used to deploy up to 5 EMT’s and a specialized trailer stocked with equipment needed for responses not necessarily requiring an ambulance. Such responses include (but are not limited to) standby’s, community events, races, fire rehab, etc.. The trailer contains a generator, capable of powering a large inflatable shelter which can be set up within 2 minutes. It is also equipped with misting fans to cool overheated firefighters and patients with heat exhaustion, coffee urns to heat water and provide hot chocolate/coffee for winter operations, a stockpile of water and gatorade, as well as a variety of nutrition bars and other supplies which can be used to rejuvenate and reenergize firefighters coming out of a working fire. Since East Allen EMS acquired the QRV and trailer we have been requested at a multitude of events, as well as called for fire rehab operations both in and outside of Northampton County to assist multiple departments at large scale multi-jurisdictional incidents.


Stryker MX Pro: Moving a patient from their residence to an ambulance can be a scary experience, especially for younger patients. East Allen EMS trusts Stryker to make sure patients are transported to the ambulance safely and securely

Pediactric First-In Bag: An ambulance ride to young eyes can be the scariest thing in the world. East Allen EMS ensures that all pediatric patients receive the best care possible by employing lifesaving technologies specifically designed to fit infants and pediatric patients

Stryker StairPro: Not every patient is going to be easily accessible. East Allen EMS uses sophisticated patient transportation tools to safely and efficiently move a patient to an ambulance when there are hazards such as stairs in the way.
Zoll AED+: Patients in cardiac arrest require the most precise care and trained individuals to get their heart going again. East Allen EMS relies on Zoll Products to ensure that a proper shock is required every time when needed.

CPAP For EMS: A deficient amount of oxygen reaching the tissues is known as Hypoxia and it can be incredibly detrimental to a patient’s health. East Allen EMS is certified to carry and utilize CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) to ensure that the right amount of oxygen is being delivered every time.

Epi Pen & Epi Pen Jr: Allergic reactions can be one of the most terrifying experiences in a patient’s life. East Allen EMS is proudly certified to carry Epi Pen auto injectors for both adults and pediatric patients.

SurgiVet O2 Mask: A deficient amount of oxygen reaching the tissues is known as Hypoxia and it can be incredibly detrimental to an animal’s health, just as it would be to a human. East Allen EMS is equipped with and trained to use special oxygen delivery devices designed for pets to ensure that no member of your family will go untreated.