Special Opeartions

East Allen EMS is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care possible to residents and to fellow emergency services personal within East Allen Township and to our neighboring communities. Our Special Operations Team (SOT) provides support services to emergency personnel operating at emergency scenes, known as rehab.

Rehab is designed to ensure that the physical and mental well-being of personnel operating emergency scenes and training exercises do not deteriorate to the point where it may affect the safety of others. Firefighting is inherently dangerous in the best of circumstances, and any additional physical or mental stress increases the danger.

The SOT responds to requests for fire rehab services with at least one ambulance, our quick response vehicle (46-QRV-1), and special operations trailer which is specifically equipped for providing the highest level of rehab services.

The special operations trailer is a fully self-contained and enclosed ten (10) foot trailer, towed by the QRV, and is stocked with medical and specialized equipment as well as water and sports drinks for hydration and snacks for nourishment. Among its specialized equipment is a quick-deployed inflatable tent that can be climate controlled: cooled during hot weather and heated during cold weather and scene lighting, all of which is powered by the SOT trailer’s generator.

Whether it’s a structure fire or a brush fire, a hazardous materials incident, a search or any other incident that tests the physical limits of the emergency personnel on-scene, East Allen EMS’s Special Operations Team is standing by and ready to respond wherever it’s needed. We can be requested by any agency within Northampton or Lehigh counties and surrounding areas. It is meant to supplement and provide additional support to the Fire and EMS units already operating on the scene, not replace them.

Our highly trained personnel are ready to assist our neighbors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!